Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins VS Land Rover Defender 90! NOT The Outcome You Expect! Believe Me!

We love sharing videos with all of you where a vehicle`s limits are shown! This one is quite fun to watch too! Furthermore, it comes with a surprise at the end! The battle between a Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins VS Land Rover Defender 90 is like something you have never seen! Just announcing it seems fun! And The Outcome Is NOT What You Expect! Believe Us! Little Land Rover with 3.0 TDI engine vs Dodge RAM 5.9-liter DIESEL Cummins engine… it looks impossible… The BIG BOYS decided to have some fun! And not only are they having fun, they are really having a HUGE TOWING contest! These are both great machines, powerful engines on both sides and both vehicles! This should make them able to do a great job at towing!

However, this clash came out pretty interesting as they repeated the action so many times until we finally got an ABSOLUTE WINNER! This time, it was the smaller GIANT, the LANDROVER DEFENDER! We suppose many considered it the underdog, but the video below proves exactly the opposite! Have fun and enjoy the games! We can only hope for more of these to be made. They are quite fun to watch! Just imagine if there were “fights“ like these between all the rival brands! To further enhance the fun, make contests like this one between the Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins and the Land Rover Defender 90, but with muscle cars! We would pay to see something like this! Imagine a Ford Mustang going head to head with a Chevrolet Camaro! That would be awesome. We will now leave you so you can enjoy the video below! Feel free to like, share and comment!

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Enjoy the video below!

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42 thoughts on “Dodge RAM Diesel Cummins VS Land Rover Defender 90! NOT The Outcome You Expect! Believe Me!

  1. Eddie W.

    Another win for David and another loss for Goliath in the David vs. Goliath saga. Eddie W.

  2. Kris

    Anouther dumb dodge driver. You will never win a pull off with your 4×4 in 2 wheel drive or whilst spinning your 2 drive tires

  3. Dave

    Is the Dodge a 4WD or not? Drop the Dodge in 4 low and send the Limey home!

    1. richard

      even if that truck was in 4 low that limey would still won with those wheels and tires = no traction

      1. Robert

        Add some weight to the back of the Dodge and drop it into 4 wheel low and the Dodge will pull the guts out of that Rangerover and that you can take to the bank.

        1. mig

          “add this, add that… the engine on that dodge is twice the size of the land rover, so you take your excuses to the bank. the result would be the same on 4×4.

        2. mig

          “add this, add that… the engine on that dodge is twice the size of the land rover, so you take your excuses to the bank. the result would be the same on 4×4.

    2. Phil

      Completely what id expect. Those cummins diesels are all smoke and no poke. Completely unrefined american pig iron. 5.7 litres v8 and about the same bhp as europe or japan squeeze out a 2.5 litre v6. And then theres the suspension. This is what holds you down. Makes you go. Absorbs bumps and whatever else you need.
      I wouldnt be suprised if that got awful lump was sat of leaf springs, straight out a cart. Or at best an ” active rear axle” like the new mustang, and last used on a european car in about 1985.
      America god love ya. You make some amazing planes and warships. But your cars are bloody awful. No offence 😉

  4. That is stupid the land rover is front wheel drive with all the weight on it’s front tires the dodge was rear wheel drive with no weight on the tires stupid vid.

    1. richard

      land rover has never made a front wheel drive defender. that truck is a piece of nothing. the tires and wheels on the truck are obviously city slicks and the defender is locked up with the proper tires.
      your buddy
      Captain Obvious

    2. Pete

      Rover and Dodge are both 4×4 . Dodge was in 2x and the Rover was in 4×4 that’s why it won. Rovers are great trucks but don’t have the weight to pull a full size truck like that .

      1. JIm Franklin

        Pete, Land Rovers are PERMANENT 2 wheel drive. They are either in HIGH range (driving on tarmac and hard surfaces) or LOW range on soft, very uneven ground or when doing something like this.

        In this event the Land Rover has the distinct advantage because it has a low centre of gravity, high torque rating for it’s mass, 4 wheel drive that is evenly split and it is the best 4x4xfar. The Dodge (Who said it was pretty?) may have a 4×4 badge but according to Dodge it has a 70/30 split (70% drive to to the rear and only 30% to the front) and depending on the model may or may not have a low range box fitted. The ratios of those gears is also vitally important. Both vehicles were on ROAD Tyres so the rubber is irrelevant.

        The Dodge is designed for a different job to the Defender, but the Defender can pull beyond it’s plated capabilities. I have used Land Rover’s to pull 44 Tonne artics out of ditches before now when and also up frozen hills they could not traverse.

  5. Freddie Bowling

    Is the truck in 4wd? The suv looks to be in 4wd.

    1. richard

      Right, the suv is locked up and the truck is in 1 wheel drive haha

  6. dennis

    the range rover did the old hold the breaks until the truck spins but it looks like the ram overpowered it in the end just saying some people can drive and some can’t

    1. This is all about the Land Rover ( it’s not a bloody Range Rover – It says clearly in the title ) having an awesome/proven design and the Dodge being oversized bucket of bling.

      Recognising defeat is an important lesson though, and some of you have clearly yet to learn it 😉

  7. G robitaille

    le dodge est seulement enbrayé sur 2 roue the ram is enbrayer only on 2 wheels if not the only small garbadge that would not shoot me just did it because it would send to the moon hahahahaha

  8. MagicallyEpic

    Yea the dodge is in four wheel drive. the reason the lil car won is it is lower to the ground. so meaning it has better traction. simple

  9. Joe Vazquez

    Dumb video. Use some sense in the matter and you would know that a lower center of gravity is giving the rover the edge for grip. In this case the total weight of the truck is easily pulled by the SUV.

  10. Greg

    Lockers vs open diff no contest

  11. Jason

    Did the rover have locking diffs? did not look like the transfercase had a locker, (front tires were spinning quicker then rear)? I do not like dodges, but the oversized tires and likely a higher gear ration with open diffs could not help or be fair here,,, (yes lockers and gearing make a difference DUH) this is not a acurate or reasonable comparison but interesting,, why not also run them through deep mud and water? that dodge was built for a different type of environ,,,

  12. Mark Watts

    Was the Dodge a 4×4 because it wasn’t being used. In the last pul it just spun 1 rear wheel. Being English I’m well aware of a Landy’s capabilities, and that would have been in low ratio with the diff locks on. It didn’t really spin the wheels at all with all the traction it had, and as soon as the dodge spun the game was over. I am surprised that the rear axle on the dodge didn’t have a possi in it at least. Now have a drag race up hill with a 3 tonne trailer on each and see who’s quickest! LOL Totally unfair competition, but funny!

  13. Don’t normally comment on these things, but since i’m a redcoat and some peoples comments are well just uninformed! the Landrover 90 is a workhorse, its designed and built to be the best offroader and quite honestly IT IS, its has everything needed to beat a “4×4” built to be well, big, the dodge is built with size in mind not utility! and all with the bigger is better mentality, no a bigger engine is not better when the power of that bigger engine cannot be transferred to the tarmac to gain traction! no traction is the problem here. bigger is not always better! (or so the wife keeps telling me)

    1. Pedro Bernardo

      Right 🙂

  14. Tony

    I have a 1984 2.2ltr long wheel base Landy. I live and work in Caribbean, One day on site of a hotel we were building a huge compressor needed pulling out of a valley, and the temporary roads we just pure mud. I was asked to pull the compressor out, and my Boss heard the conversation and said he would get it out with his nice new big Dodge, cuz my land wouldn’t cope. Anyway he went down, hooked it up and couldn’t move it, with all his 4 wheels spinning, so he un hooked drove out and said “That aint going nowhere today” To that I was asked by the person needing it to go have a go. Iwent down (with said boss watching with arms folded), I hooked up, put it in lowest of low 4 wheel drive and pulled it out with no problems. Said boss turned, jumped into his lovely dodge and drove off.
    A land isn’t pretty but when you want a proper 4×4 for proper work, not trying to pull another truck, you can’t beat a Landy. Dodge, Chevys etc are pretty 4×4’s for people to drive around the shopping malls, not for real work

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Thanks a lot for all the info & support Tony!

    2. Pedro Bernardo

      I miss my Defender 200tdi soo much… 😉

  15. Racson

    Ponle 1000 kg a la RAM en la caja y proba a ver que pasa, no son vehículos de iguales categoría.

  16. Pedro Bernardo

    so many ignorants…

    1- not a Range Rover, it’s a Land Rover Defender…
    2- it’s a 2,5L engine, not a 3,0L…
    3- last, and the most important; Land Rover, the Best 4×4 by far

  17. R Mann

    Any “stunt” can be pulled on any “stage” for any “results” that “anyone” wishes!
    Tantamount to trolling for Democrat favor at a Boston Pub?

  18. Steve

    The rangerover is AWD and the dodge is 4wd which isnt even engaged …. 2wd vs awd is no competition awd is designed for traction with torq sensing difs and electronic traction sensors … put the cummins in 4wd video it again

  19. Dave

    Come off it, the yank tank might look rough and gruff, but Limey Landy stuck it to it just as it did with Jeeps from 1947 to now!

  20. Ross

    So American -.- with your big engines and engineering…

  21. Budreaux

    The Dodge fanboys. gotta love ’em.

    1. Johnny

      There is no other way than that 🙂

  22. EnglishTed

    Small country small car v big country big car ,not a surprice for us.

  23. steve

    Us Brits sure know how to build a 4×4 and we will curry on building the best!!!

  24. Ryan

    Typically only us Brits know anything about 4×4.
    The “Defender” (Not Range Rover – That’s another Land Rover which would kill all your crap SUVs) will not only beat the RAM in a tug of war it would also pull it up a hill with no issues at all.
    Those that say it can’t pull a truck just go to YouTube and type Defender pulling truck. You wont want to go back to your dumb SUVs again!

  25. Josh

    This has nothing to do with which vehicle is better. it has to do with traction and driving. I have a Ram 4×4 and I will pay $500 to anyone with a LR who can beat me at tug-of-war. If I win, you pay nothing, just post a video admitting you don’t understand physics.

  26. Mike

    Not a fan of American cars and trucks and happy to see the little Rover triumph in this staged event…that’s right staged. If this video involved a legitimate effort from the Dodge, there would be a huge cloud of black polluting smoke from the exhaust, not the tires. The Dodge driver just gave the right foot a little tap. Come on people, think and be critical of what you see on the internet. Looks like Goliath gave a pity win to David…entertaining to watch but put your Brit flags down.

  27. richard arseburger

    good old landy !!

  28. DR

    Dodge doesn’t have limited slip, crappy traction. LR Discovery does , so great traction. Motor has little to do with it.
    LR will spend more time in the shop than on the road (or off road)though. To bad Brits can’t make a reliable vehicle unless it’s hand built.

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