Dirty Truck Changes Color With The Pressure Washer Foamer!

Maintaining you vehicle in pristine conditions is fairly difficult, but there is one thing that we can do and that is to at least keep it nice and clean. Sometimes no matter how much we take car about the car, it gets dirty thus it needs a good wash soon after. Hereby, we check out this video in which an extremely dirty truck literally changes color after it gets a good wash from this pressure washer. But it does not just spray the truck with water, instead, it first coats the whole truck with foam and then the man lets it do sit for couple of minutes.

Dirty Truck Changes Color With The Pressure Washer Foamer 2

The truck was covered in dirt and it appeared to be darker in color, but something amazing happens as soon as the foam is taken off. The man starts using the pressure washer starting from the back, and the white color slowly starts to come back to life. The foam has helped the dirt to get loose, so washing it off with the pressure washer was very satisfying to watch.

Moreover, the man seemed to have been following a certain pattern, starting from the top and moving up the truck. The pickup got its white color back and it shined yet once again. It took just couple of minutes to do so and to cause the truck to change color.

What do you think, is this one of the most satisfying car washing videos ever?