Detroit Diesel 453T RUN AWAY! This Guy Was LUCKY!

It is always a very special feeling when we have a video with a `living relic` of an old engine that is dated more than half a century ago, listening to that unforgettable sound that it produces once you start the ignition. So today we have prepared a video of an old Detroit Diesel 453T engine, that is obviously awaken after a long time and has a little bit of hard time `adjusting to the new time`. And if you are also cultivating special (almost romantic) feelings towards the diesel engines of the past, I think that you are going to fully enjoy it, even though everything does not go as planned and wanted.

So, the scene is set, and the guy is working on his Detroit Diesel 453T project and everything seems to be going just fine, but all of a sudden, the old engine starts to rev hard, and things seem to get out of control. According to the description of the video, the reason for this was that the rack got stuck on the valve cover, but thanks to some fast thinking, this old motor got saved, even though the guy could have lost a finger in the process.

Check out the video and share your thought with us on the subject.