Dealership Offered FREE TRUCK to Taylor Winston for Helping Victims in Vegas!

Most of you, if not all, are already very familiar with the name of Taylor Winston. This former marine helped and saved dozens and dozens of lives during the awful massacre in the Las Vegas shooting at the beginning of this month. Everybody had already admired his heroism, but his story does not stop here. Namely he got a truck as a gift for what he did by B5 Motors of Gilbert. We can all conclude that this gift is well deserved. If it was not for him, who knows what could have happened. But he remains humble and says that he receives much more credit that he should hence there were handful of people who also helped that night.

Dealership Offered FREE Truck to Taylor Winston for Helping Victims in Vegas 1

This 29 years old hero was at Arizona where he was given the 2013 Ford F-150. He further on says that he accepted this generous gift only because he was going to sell his old vehicle and donate all of the money to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. He says that it was really difficult to accept this kind of gift but he will turn it around and will he will good with it.

Shane Beus who is the owner of B5 Motors, claims that he was simply impressed by what Taylor Winston did so he had to offer him the 2013 Ford F-150 as a gift and he does not care whether Taylor is going to keep or sell the truck. What do you think, is this gift well deserved?