Dayanis Garcia in TR3’s Subaru WRX Rally Car: Nov 24, 2013!

We all prefer to have a little break during our long working hours and so does the beautiful model Dayanis Garcia who has a great collaboration with TR3 Performance. This time the popular racing channel worked together with Joel Antoine in order to make an awesome photo shoot with the model. You probably know how long those things last and how much energy does one have to have to achieve all of the tasks. That is why at the break this amazing girl was invited to refresh herself with a spectacular ride in TR3’s Subaru WRX Rally Car! And Dayanis’ answer for the invitation was an absolute yes.

Right after she entered the beastly looking machine, Dayanis could not remove the smile on her face because she knew that something awesome is going to happen. She just asked the professional stunt driver where are they going and afterwards the adventure began. There were of course some screams, surprises, unpredictable jumps and lots of excitement – but at the end we can conclude only one thing – Dayanis liked this Subaru a lot and she will probably try it again!

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Thank you TR3 Performance for building one of the craziest cars!

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  1. tu carro mujer senos locos miralo tu sabe veron todos antecion cidos

  2. Amir Ragab says:


  3. gianni says:

    mettono il logo per far pubblicità ma non san che è controproducente , a far così stan solo sul cazzo.

  4. 253545 says:


  5. jolteonrelax91 says:

  6. My mind need to blast itself.

  7. GUSTAVO says:


  8. Haha says:

    OMG! What a girl!

  9. CB says:

    Hmu! I wuvv it ;)

  10. MOOSE says:

    The guys who edited the video block out the best part…

  11. koolly says:

    i see, i want see guy in car!

  12. elmer says:

    fasten your seat belt…

  13. AWESOME!

  14. Steve Trigg says:

    Why block the best part? She obviously wore that shirt because she wante exposure. #freethenip

  15. Craig says:

    Would have been great to see her breasts instead of being blocked

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