Darren Kelly Drift In A RB30DET Nissan Skyline In D1NZ 2014!

Check out this video with Darren Kelly Drift In A RB30DET Skyline In D1NZ 2014! He is making some nice angles…

A nice, short video showing us the performance of Darren Kelly at the D1NZ event! And we admit, he is really good! Maybe we haven`t seen him in a special edition video, giving an interview or something like that, but we hope we are going to! Especially after this performance! This guy has what it takes to be a drift racer! Looks like he is born with the talent! Just look how gracefully takes those turns and makes everything seem like a child`s play. Thumbs up! We hope he will continue doing those power slides with the same pace!

Finally, check out this Nissan GTR going nuts!

Enjoy the video below!

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