Dad Teaches Daughter How To Do A WHEELIE!

When you really like drag racing, of course you try to get your kids to like it too. It just gives you so much more to talk about aside from kid stuff, right? This guy thought so, and that`s why he`s hell bent on getting his daughter interested when she shows an interest in “going real fast”. This exercise teaches daughter – dad relations and improves them innumerably, because how often do you find your little daughter interested in drag cars? That`s why this dad bought a tiny little car for his offspring and got this entire setup going where she flexes her drag racing muscles.

He sprays some Ultra Blue Traction Compound and tells his daughter to let it rip! She slowly rumbles to the starting line and does a sick wheelie when preparing to start her drag racing career. However, the little car is only able to go so far and before you know it, she is back at the starting line. She does another sick wheelie and lets us enjoy this whole “dad teaches daughter” moment. The father, Alex, must be really proud of his kids today, and he has every reason to – we see a bright drag racing future for that little girl!

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