Check out This Inspiring Custom Freak Toyota Celsior!

On the occasion of the VIP meeting that took place in Osaka, Japan, we had to choose one car that we would make a complete profile about. Having in mind that we were in Japan where the bippu style is in charge we had an extremely tough decision to make. We were looking for something challenging for us, but something that will be likeable for the readers. And, believe it or not, we found it! It`s the UF20 Toyota Celsior owned by Mizuno-san.



Mizuno-san spent several years making this car, but it was worth it. Mizuno-san`s vehicle is a really VIP talk in the prestigious circles and in the most respected automotive magazines. What makes this car special is that Mizuno-san has taken Toyota Century and fully converted it to something else. All by himself! He changed the grille and the standard lines on the Toyota Celsior, and he changed the wheels, as well. He has inserted 9.5Jx18 inches front and 11.5Jx15 inches rear wheels.

It is fact that Mizuno-san has put a lot of effort into the external appearance of the car. But, it is also a fact that he has done as well with the interior. Everything inside is either in beige leather or in fiery red including the seatbelts. It is unbelievable how much attention has been paid to the details. It`s absolutely incredible! There are customized stereo and air conditioning systems, LCD screen with red details (so it fits to the general internal surroundings), a Bulgari clock and an original shifter made of leather and material characteristic for Louis Vuitton. If you are a passenger sitting on the front side then you will get your own LCD screen. And of course the curtains are present here, as in any other bippu style car. Not only the curtains protect you from the strong summer sun, but they also hide your identity from the curious passersby.

Let`s pay attention to the mechanical part a bit. The Toyota Celsior features a 1UZ 4L V8 engine and a customized exhaust system. When we saw the inside of the fuel filter we were left with our mouths open! There was an artwork of Ayumi Hamasaki, Mizuno`s favorite singer from Japan. It turned out that this kind of artworks is very “in” in Japan right now.

Finally, we have to say that this car cannot remain unnoticed on the streets because of its VIP style and immaculate details. It`s no wonder that it is one of the most famous VIP style vehicles in Japan.

Anyway, you can customize your vehicle at Toyota’s official website!




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