Amazing Cruise Ship Timelapse Video: Massive Boat Being Sawn In Two & Extended By 99 Feet!

Most people connect the attaching of one car with another car as a cut-and-shut artistry that is being used by sneaky car salesmen. However, we have one amazing cruise ship timelapse video that demonstrates a part of a massive boat being joined into another liner to make a shiny new boat 99 ft longer than before. The entire amazing process has been recorded on cameras by some time-lapse photography experts. You can see the massive cruise ship being towed into a dock in Hamburg called Blohm + Vosss shipyard. There, the gigantic cruise ship, that was originally called the Norwegian Crown, can be seen being cut in half.

You can see the two parts of the massive boat being slowly moved apart in order to make space for the extra 99 feet section. You can exactly see how much work is needed in order to effectively place the new metal section in place. After the new section is being welded into place, the boat is then repainted in order to make the new part blends perfectly into it. Because this is now technically a new boat it leaves the dockyard with a new name – Balmoral. However, it is a relatively common technique for vessels to be stretched in this way. Check out the amazing cruise ship timelapse video below!

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