Massive Cruise Ship Nearly Causes Chaos & Crashes Into A House!

Most of us probably dream of having a neat house with gorgeous sea view. Some of the best and most expensive houses are built just beside the shores worldwide. Some even have houses literary floating on the waters. This is exactly what we see in the following video, but with a twist. Namely, a couple in Florida was chilling on the porch, but what they saw next shocked them. A massive cruise ship was moving directly towards their house and nearly causes chaos.

Cruise Ship Causes Chaos Crashes 6

They immediately started yelling at the ship with hope that the captain might hear them and change its course. Luckily, as the ship got as near as 100ft, it threw its thrusters into reverse. They manage to narrowly avoid a collision. It was claimed from the Port Everglades Pilots Association that the captain of the ship was aware of the danger the whole time, and he was supposed to move like that because of the bad weather conditions.

It surely is not something the house owners were hoping to see as the ship nearly causes chaos. What do you think, do these new houses on water offer us safety and if now, how can we improve the situation?

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