Crazy Kid Jumps On Lamborghini Aventador SV In Front Of The Owner!

The social media is a place where people share some amazing and extraordinary videos of their creations, talents and some utterly practical tutorials. Yet, besides all the good stuff that can be found there, the social media is also a place where we get to see the bad side of people, which is something no one would want to see. Nonetheless, in this short video that was shared on Instagram we see a highly controversial situation where the owner of this gorgeous and exceptionally rare Lamborghini Aventador SV goes mad.

Crazy Kid Jumps On Lamborghini Aventador SV In Front Of The Owner 2

Such owners of super expensive cars are often respectful people and we should be, to some extent, thankful to them for sharing their beast with the public. So what made this man to lose his mind and start chasing this young boy? Well, instead of peacefully taking pictures of this beautiful red Lamborghini Aventador SV like everyone else did, this young boy decided to the most disrespectful thing. He started running towards the car and jumped on top of it.

The owner tried to get him by chasing after him, but the boy was simply too fast. Though we are not quite aware nor have any information of what had happened prior to this accident, it surely is something you should never do to this exceptional car or just any car at all. If it was for anyone`s fault, it cannot be the car and we should look for justice from the driver. What do you think, what had actually happened?

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