CRAZY ICE BRAKER – GAZ 69 Jeep – Tough Little Truck!

I`m guessing that just like me, most of you have never before even heard the name of Gaz 69 jeep, an old off-road vehicle that was produced for the purposes of the Russian army, in the period of the early 50s, until the early 70s. Lately, surfing the internet and looking for an interesting videos from different off-road vehicles, I started to come upon Gaz 69 more often. So it got me curious and start to looking for an info about it, which I`m about to share it with you now.

As the story goes, Gaz 69 jeep was designed and built in 1953 and the production line was active for the next three years, till 1956, when some small changes were made, and after a short pause, it kept on going under the name of Uaz 69 all the way until 1972.


Enjoy the video below!

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