Crazy DRAG RACE: Ford Mustang All 4 Wheels Lifted! Have You Seen Any Wheelstands Like This One?

As you all know, we`ve shown you some breathtaking wheelstands, but you haven`t seen anything yet. This one is performed by Jere Etheridge  in the twin-turbo 2000 Ford Mustang. This is a breathtaking performance we recommend you all see! The footage was taken at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, Georgia! We thank whoever filmed this! Jere Etheridge sure knows how to keep calm in possibly dangerous situations!

Namely, this beautiful Ford Mustang was part of the “Lights Out 4” drag race this past weekend. After the steady start, the pressure started to lift. The front tires lifted up in the air, forming an amazing wheelstand. Having all fours in the air, most people thought that this stunt is not going to end up well. But they were proven wrong.

Since nobody was hurt, it seems like we are going to see another drag race of this crazy Mustang. We have seen some good wheelstands, but this one is probably the most amazing one of all! It would have even better for the other car to rise up as well! Whoever drove the other car however just finished the drag race in the most casual way possible. Moreover, being able to get to 183 miles per hour in just 4.39 seconds is ASTONISHING! It was Jere Etheridge who stole the show though. His wheelstand even left the commentator in awe!

The commentator admitted he has never seen something like that wheelstand! We hadn`t either! This is why we are sharing this amazing video with all of you guys. If you think you have seen good wheelstands, wait until you see this one! Sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing twin-turbo 2000 Ford Mustang lifting all four wheels up in the air! Absolute madness!

Lastly, check out this link where a Mustang CRASHES after a wheelie! Brutal!