History has taught us many interesting things. And to many of us, gladiators are among our all-time favorite figures. Mighty warriors, who used to fight for their lives in the Coliseum in Ancient Rome. They fought against other soldiers, other gladiators, lions, and against soldiers on chariots. To those of you asking, a chariot is a type of carriage that uses horses for movement. And someone obviously liked this idea, but instead of using actual horses, this modern chariot uses horsepower! In this video, we take a look of how a modern 21st century chariot looks like! And it is simply amazing! Meet the ROCKET II trike, this trike is a project designed by Tim Cotterill. This beast even had a documentary about it!

It has a hand built body, completely made out of aluminum. The suspension is made out of steel, and it comes with a 1200hp supercharged V8 engine! Just the sound of it makes your blood boil! This beauty can reach speeds over 200 MPH! That is just insane! It might not be practical for the road, but it sure looks beautiful! Check out this Rocket II Trike in action for yourself, and enjoy the video!

If you want to see other built trikes follow this link!