CRAZY 2,500HP Diesel FLOPPER With 150+ LBS Of Boost!

The only thing that we can say about this vehicle is that it is a fantastic piece of machinery that produces amazing 2 500 horsepower and almost 150 of boost – no one can stay indifferent to that! After watching this demonstration of John Robinson`s Diesel Flopper, that took place at the 2014 NHRA Divisional Race at Tulsa Raceway Park, some of you may say that it is not that fast to be bragging about, but first of all you must not forget the fact that it is a diesel machine and a really robust one.

Plus whilst being constructed, the biggest accent was placed on the overall power rather than on acceleration and speed, so we must not split hairs on that subject.

It is kind of revolutionary move because John is using this unique combination of elements get to the final product and tremendous amount of work, many hours and great number of people, a team that will assemble the whole thing together, to be able to come at this point where it can be taken to a show and demonstrate its potential. So, you may not be crazy about it, but you must pay him the respect!

Anyway, learn more about the turbo diesel engine!

Enjoy the video below!

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