Incident At SEMA – He Was Tricked Into Jumping On The Radial Truck!

Without a doubt, SEMA is one of our favorite event annual events where people show off their latest creations, most of which are absolutely stunning and beautiful. Besides all of the great things and vehicles at SEMA 2017, there was a controversial incident that set the internet on fire. The video caused the publicity to simply go crazy and to go as far as requesting for the video and his YouTube channel to go down. Moreover, some people even want to ban the two people that were involved in this controversial accident to never come anywhere close to any of the SEMA events.

Controversial Incident At SEMA 2

So what actually happened, what was the thing that caused many people to go crazy? Well, this guy and his cameraman decided to prank another man at the event, but they did it the wrong way. They pretended to be the owners of the truck that was just behind them and asked the innocent guy to test the durability of it.

They told him that he should climb up the vehicle even though it had a sign that said NO STEP. The guy obviously did so hence he thought that these guys were the owners. Moreover, the “victim” even jumped on the vehicle before security guards came in to see what is wrong. The innocent man was in big trouble, even though he was not aware that he had just been pranked. What do you think about this controversial incident, should the pranksters be banned?

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