Computer Game Becomes A Reality! Far Cry 4 Fans You Will Love This Tuk Tuk!

When we are talking computer games, we definitely agree that our favorites are GTA, Far Cry and Need For Speed. Those are the worlds where each of one of us can escape the reality and meet challenges that sound impossible in our everyday life. However, on this topic we must speak for ourselves, as the guy in this video decided to make his favorite game a reality.

Luckily this adrenaline junkie is not a fan of GTA where we beat up people to take their cars. Instead, he tries to capture a scene from Far Cry 4 where the star is a three-wheeler, auto rickshaw or as we prefer to say Tuk Tuk. Upgraded with some insane parts, this TUK600 has a flamethrower behind and special places for guns and there are countless things it can do including drifting, wheelie and a really fast moving.

So the specifications are exactly like in the game, but this Tuk Tuk with no doubt offers more fun as the control of it is all yours. For our pleasure, the driver of this vehicle makes a show that you will surely enjoy watching as he has only one life, no cheats available and no chance to restart the game.