Colossal 22 Ton Engine With 110HP Produced Almost A CENTURY Ago!

The factories back in the day were able to run almost non-stop thanks to the machines like this one here. They were made to endure a lot of pressure. Yet, almost 100 years later, some of them which were taken care of, still run as smooth as they used to! It is good to know how things were functioning in the past. Therefore, we present you one more 22 ton engine from the “HUGE engine” series.

The particular unit you are about to see was created by the Continental Gin Company in the state of Alabama somewhere about 1920. Despite its size, this 22 ton engine has relatively low number of horsepower, 110, compared to today`s standards. However, things were dissimilar back then. For about 25 years, this engine was powering a local cotton gin in Yuma, Arizona. Starting technique is rather complicated, you need a smaller engine than powers an air compressor in order to fire up this engine. The big guy needs compressed air to start functioning. This 2 cylinder, 2 cycle machine runs with a tolerable noise, but more than 90 years ago, people could`ve hear it even if they were 12 miles away!

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