Close Look at the 1450HP Formula 1 BMW Turbo!

Hence most of us simply do not have the money do own an extremely rare and expensive super car, we all love taking a look inside how these cars look. Moreover, the Formula 1 cars have been intriguing for us ever since, and we all loved to see how these awesome machines work and look in a close up look. Well, this is your lucky day hence we take a close look at what a Formula 1 BMW Turbo looks like on the inside and what every gauge is used for. This legendary car has a 4 cylinder 1.5L turbo on 5.6 bar boost.

Close Look at the 1450HP Formula 1 BMW Turbo 1

Some of you might already know, but this 1986 Formula 1 BMW Turbo has set a whooping record of the highest down force that has never been able to repeat at 215mph. Taking a look inside this beauty is even better hence we get the chance to see every detail in which professional racers used to set record twenty years ago.

The largest gauge on the dash board is the rev limiter, and this is done with a purpose. If we all use the speed of our cars to steer across the gears, this Formula 1 BMW Turbo used the RPMs to manage this, and they went as much as 11,000 RPM. This retro footage is as good as it can get and by watching the full video you can learn a lot about these amazing machines.

What do you think, did you ever imagined what`s on the inside?