Twin Turbo LSX RX-7 vs Bugatti Veyron! The REAR WING Came Up, The Nitrous BLOWS & BYE BYE!

Having top of the line luxurious supercar, does not necessary mean that the race you are about to have is already won, and that there is nothing out there that cannot stop you. Yes, it is true, and we all know it, that the Bugatti Veyron, the Italian ultimate sports car concept with a German precision, power and determination, is sort of an ultimate measuring stick when we are talking about the world of racing and need for speed concept, but sometimes one can get surprised when least expected…

And when it comes to the Bugatti Veyron, every real Gearhead and a sports car connoisseur knows well that despite all its superlative attributes, it does not necessary mean that it is The fastest car in the world, even though it most definitely is one of the most highly regarded cars, if not the most highly regarded supercar on the planet.

But here we have a showdown in which the Bugatti Veyron is facing off with one fabulous FD Mazda RX-7. But we got to be honest and let you know that this is not just any RX-7. This Mazda has a Chevy LS V8 engine under the hood, accompanied by a set of Twin Turbo to go along for the ultimate ride.

So check out the video below and see how this Veyron finds that out on the most unpleasant way for it.