This is Why You Should Avoid Buying A Chinese Speedo!

Not everything that is manufactured in China sucks. They have some top notch semiconductor fabrication plants that might be one of the most efficient in the entire world, for instance. The reason for this might be because a computer chip has to be tested thoroughly otherwise it would not work at all. However, for most things like medicine, toys, tools, kitchen gear, etc – it seems like what`s made in China is pretty cheap, in every sense of the word. In the video below, we have one such example where a guy bought a Chinese speedo from AliExpress. He surely regrets it now.

This video is a perfect example why you should be extremely careful when buying Chinese aftermarket auto parts of any kind. Unfortunately, the U.S market is flooded with poor Chinese aftermarket parts in the past fifteen years and their quality is hit-or-miss. It looks like this Chinese speedo in the video below is a huge fail. It`s often very hard to recognize a good quality Chinese car part. The reason for this is because discrepancy in the product is not really visible to a naked eye and can be only noticed at installation. This does not mean that every Chinese aftermarket auto part sucks. However, you got to be extremely careful and know your source well.

At last, take a glance at some speedometers whilst demons accelerate!