Check Out This Old Beauty – Twin Turbo Diesel Race F1 Tractor!

Every now and then, we get something like this, something that is suppose to be a highly modified version of a standard vehicle, ready to run on the drag strip. But many times, instead of taking away the glory and earn the respect of its peers, things end up pretty messy and more often than not, ridiculously funny and humiliating. I`m not sure where to put and classify this old beauty, this highly modified F1 tractor, with a twin turbo diesel engine, having a time of his life on the drag strip. The very first seconds that I saw it, it looked to me like some kind of an old vehicle adopted for the purposes of the strip, but than I saw it for what it really is, and I have got to tell you that somehow it made me feel like laughing.

Not that it is all that bad, but it is somehow one of those machines who seems to be lost and wandering everywhere around, trying to find its place.

This time, that place was the drag strip. So check out how it went for this ambitious F1 Tractor.

Finally, check out this record beating fast tractor!

Enjoy the video below!

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