TEST DRIVE Of TOYOTA’s Arctic Truck – HILUX 6×6!

These days we see lot of HUGE and well prepared trucks that are ready for any kind of OFF-ROAD experience! Just the other day, we published the new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor and its` Off-Road Testing where it found its` way through the southwestern deserts of our country! However, what we have here is the test driving of the TOYOTA HILUX 6×6 ARCTIC TRUCK, and judging by the language used in the video, it`s probably somewhere in Russia! The truck has a task to pass over many obstacles, among which, there are plenty of dunes, and we can say that we are impressed and disappointed at the same time!

For starters, the series of these Arctic Trucks had had many successful expeditions such as the Antarctica Expedition in 1997, which was the first one, the TV filming on the Antarctic where these trucks were escorts and many more! This is however a very capable off-road vehicle which seems to have no stop signs once it hits it off.However, after seeing what the RAPTOR does in the dessert, those couple of dunes do not impress us as much! See for yourself!

At last, click here to see what the Top Gear team has written about the Toyota Hilux 6×6 Arctic Truck! We totally agree with their first-drive review!