Check Out The Marshawn Lynch LAMBORGHINI and Drop That Jaw!

Here is one jaw-dropping monster Lamborghini Aventador that will knock you out from the very first look at it, just as it did to its owner, the famous Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch. Apparently, Marshawn was never planning to drop a lot of money on an exotic hypercar like this Lamborghini Aventador, but he changed his mind drastically last year, when he made a visit to Monster`s headquarters. According to his own words, he has seen many different models of Ferrari and Lamborghini, but he promised himself that he won`t buy one. And the plan was going well, until he heard the sound of the motor starting up. Thus, the Marshawn Lynch LAMBORGHINI was born!

So he visited a Lambo dealership in Seattle and decided to go with a Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition. But after he find out that all 50 units were sold out, and many decision changing, the final cut came to this awesome white Lamborghini Aventador that you are going to see in the video below. Right away, he decided to get it equipped with state of the art audio system (high on his priority list) made by Monster, with a highly customized sound, especially tuned for his taste. Now, the final result is one perfect Lamborghini Aventador monster that makes heads turn wherever it appears.

The following video that we have prepared for this article is from the very first moments when the awesome hypercar was delivered to Marshawn. So check out the Marshawn Lynch LAMBORGHINI and see his initial reaction and get to know that jaw-dropping monster much better. If you want to see some other unique and great cars, owned by famous athletes, go to this link.