Check This Out! Jerry Johnston And His Amazing Net Worth!

Every now and then it is really worthwhile to stop what you are doing and check something amazing out. There are many news and videos online and the only thing you need to do is to choose what`s best. Well, do not worry, because we have made the choice for you. Namely, we are going to take a look at Jerry Johnston and his amazing net worth. You are going to be amazing to see some crazy news about this guy. Jerry is best known to all of us from the awesome Discovery Channel series, Street Outlaws. Around the racing world he is better known as Jerry Monza. He competes with his 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport. Jerry named this beauty the Sinister Split Bumper. The car speaks for itself. Previously he owned the Chevy Monza, which is how he got his nickname.

jerry johnston monza 1


If you are one of the better racers in the show, you are going to be really famous. This was certainly the case with Jerry Johnston. He immediately became fan favorite and race after race, he gains more fans worldwide. Also, being a top racer means that you would earn big money. Well, as of 2018, Jerry has an estimated net worth of over $500,000. This is something spectacular hence he earns money by racing. Last season he finished third, beating his good friend Doc. However, his Sinister Split Bumper could help him to easily reach the number one spot soon. In 1986 Monza married Tammy, and ever since they have a wonderful relationship. They have two children, Brittani Johnston, their daughter and Brandon Johnston, their younger son. Stay tuned and watch the latest Street Outlaws as so you do not miss out the amazing races.

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