Mechanical Problems Compilation 1

Very Funny Mechanical Problems Compilation!

Sometimes, there are strange mechanical problems happening with our cars that it`s extremely had to diagnose the root of the problem.

These types of mechanical problems are always there to make us rethink everything we knew about …

Race Car Wrapping Process 1

TIMELAPSE: The Race Car Wrapping Process!

We have seen number of awesome car modifications, such as swapping engines, changing the exterior, turbo or supercharging our cars but the following race car wrapping process will make your car look even better.

If you ever …

PLANE IN FOREST and Someone Lives In It 1

PLANE IN FOREST and Someone Lives In It!

These amazing explorers have found a plane in forest and find out that actually someone lives in it. The plane looks abandoned from the outside, but the guy who is living there turned it into a …