COOLEST Way to Park Your Supercar! Luxury Car Elevator for Upscale Apartments in Singapore!

Some opulent developments are taking things to an entirely different level. In this one, we are taking a glimpse at the extremely high-tech Hamilton Scotts “Sky Garage Apartments” located on Scotts Road in Singapore. This is one of the most groundbreaking and unique luxury investment property in the world. The project is the first of its kind in the world. The property has 30 stories and it got unique features of having a sky garage and car elevator in front of every single apartment. You basically drive your car into the basement car park, leave your car on the turntable, use the biometric system to leave a thumbprint, and the car elevator knows in which apartment you live in.

This is definitely a home that makes one of our most fervent passions a reality. Scotts Road is Singapore`s most coveted address. Just a select few can call this address their home, let alone the Hamilton Scotts “Sky Garage Apartments.” It`s a residence of refinement that welcomes you to enjoy the nuances of eminent extravagance. Here, apartments cost between $7.5 million and $18.5 million. This is a very clever way for rich folk to park their cars considering that parking in Singapore is strictly limited. In the video below, you`ll see a perfect parking demonstration how one resident parks his Lambo in his private car garage in the sky. Enjoy!

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