WINGBOARDING Allows You To Fly Through The Clouds On A Board!

When we were all young, we used to watch the famous cartoon called TaleSpin! You probably all remember it. And what you also probably remember is how Kit Cloudkicker just jumped out of an airplane, put a board under his feet and carved those clouds! This very cartoon was the inspiration to Aaron Wypyszynski to invent this great view into the future! It was Wingboarding, but we never knew!

Flying behind and airplane was never possible until now. Sure, there are improvised situations like cloud surfing, but that`s only “falling” off an airplane, if you know what we mean!

Now, thanks to the great inventor and today`s technology, people are able to fly in the sky, using a board attached to their feet, and feel the air that kicks them in the chest! And what`s even better, this WINGBOARDING is very safe as it has numerous safety measures!

Also, it is something that no invention ever has offered you! Being up there, in the sky, standing on your own two feet and spectate everything that`s going on the ground while an aircraft pulls you to your next destination! You have to see this and imagine where we will be in the next couple of decades!

If you want to see what can really be dome up in the air, follow this link!