Shiny Caddy Escalade on 32-Inch Forgiato Inferno Rims!

Check out this Cady Escalade on 32-Inch Forgiato Inferno Rims!

Here is a great example of how to TAKE CARE OF YOUR RIDE! Take a look at this great video showing an AWESOME vehicle with its pretty UNIQUE RIMS as the whole footage is followed by great music in the background! We are talking here about the CADILLAC ESCALADE which is already a well-known car for its luxury look as well as the persistence!!! Anyway, nothing looks better on a Cadi Escalade better than some HUGE 32″ FORGIATO RIMS to give it the whole look!!! The spinning “F” in the middle gives that extra flavor to the style!!! Check it out!!!

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Enjoy the video below!


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