The Bulldog Extreme Truck Takes Firefighting To The Next Level!

The Bulldog Extreme Firefighting Truck can carry up to 2,000 gallons of foam or water and then blast all that liquid onto the raging blaze without anybody even getting out of its cab. As it comes to its aesthetics, it is pretty much an incarnation of your vehicular dreams as a child. This monstrous truck is manufactured by Howe & Howe. These are the guys that manufacture luxurious tanks for civilians that you can drive for $300,000. However, the Bulldog is not meant for recreational use even though it looks like a dreamy toy.

Bulldog Extreme Truck 2

In fact, it`s manufactured solely for the purpose of working in rural and rough areas where machines like these are needed in heavy rescue, disaster relief or firefighting. Maybe the 2,000 gallon water or foam capacity is not enough to stop a forest fire. However, its big cannon placed on the top can spit all that liquid out in just a few minutes. Its motorized nozzles can blast water to 150 psi.

The Bulldog can even blast water from the grill! Yeah folks, firefighting is a little bit easier with this one. Even though the Bulldog`s capacities are limited, the vehicle`s 4WD, 25″ ground clearance, 80 gallon fuel capacity and 15,000 pound winch delivers more versatility in rescue missions than many other powerful vehicles would have. The Bulldog Extreme can also pump water from a hydrant or a different water supply. Nevertheless, it`s a very powerful vehicle to be hold even if it`s not carrying anything.

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