This Brick Making Machine Can Make 150 Bricks In A Minute!

If you didn`t know how bricks are made, this ingenious machine can definitely answer that question. This machine is more productive than 120 laborers and can make 40,000 bricks a day. It even lays the bricks in straight rows making them easy for collection. It does not move very fast. However, it sure lays bricks fast. This brick making machine is called BMM300 and it looks similar to a hybrid between a locomotive and Zamboni. The machine is filled with cement and its inner workings molds the brick. The bricks are then rolled down in the gigantic wheel which lays them down making them ready to use.

This brick making machine is invented by SnPC Machines Group that is based in India. Some of the parts fitted in this machine are produced in Italy and Germany. For the time being, this machine can be only found in India, but it gains big popularity in Nepal as well. The chassis is completely made by SnPC. The machine has a high grade sensor which prevents it from major damage. It`s very easy to handle and comes in both automatic and manual. It has a Genset capacity of up to 160 KVA and fuel consumption of 18-19 liters per hour. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Hold right there, here is the road printer brick machine you have to see!