Brazil Drift Riders On 6km Closed Track at Mountain of Campo Largo!

Brazil Drift launches another video of Riders & Friends series. James Romano invited riders Diego Shimazaki ( Radiex Team) and JJ ( DriftSC ) to test the tires recording video in Ascent of the Mountain of Campo Largo.

This happened  last Sunday, December 8 , at the 2nd Ascent of the Mountain of Campo Largo , Brazil proof hillclimb organized by CWB Motoring . The path was closed 6km to measure the racing time of the contestants divided into categories. In the intervals of the batteries , the pilot made the ascent of drift while the cameramen Bruno Guerreiro, Luciano Falconi , Victor Muller and Lagoa Rodrigo were positioned to record the best angle .

Certainly the most challenging route already registered on our videos so far. The Riders & Friends series follows James Romano presenting with different riders Brazilian drift in unprecedented strokes . Next year there will be more!

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