This Brave Woman Flipped Off Donald Trump!

There are tons of controversies that go on at this moment, and the world has seen so much of them in the past couple of years. One such tremendous controversy was the election of Donald Trump as a president of the US. Many were against this even at the start of the campaign, but soon after they had to face the fact that he had actually become the President. But this is where certain scenarios began to develop. Many people have demonstrated their disapproval of him sitting in the Oval Office by taking to the streets to protest, and some even do so in present days.

Brave Woman Donald Trump 2

Anyhow, we check out the story why this brave woman that is riding her bike and is flipping off her middle finger to someone became viral as soon as it was posted on social media. Well, the person that is sitting in the black car just besides her is none other than President Donald Trump himself. Yes, you read it right! This brave woman was determined enough to start riding her bike after the President left his resort in Virginia where he spent an afternoon playing golf.

No matter how crazy or unbelievable this story might sound, it is actually true and we have to show our respect to the determination this woman had. We do not have any further information on how she managed to do this, but it is something that can be only achieved just by few. What do you think about this controversial photograph?

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