Make Your Own Brass Fidget Spinner Out Of Bullet Shells!

These pointless little toys seem to be all the rage these days, but even though we fail in seeing why people love them so much, we can understand wanting to make your own. This guy took it a step further though, as he cast his own brass fidget spinner from melted bullet shells. Hardcore! He begins this process by creating a mold out of some earth and a fidget spinner-shaped cutout. Then, he melts down the bullet shells, cleans the melted brass with a bar and then pours the concoction over his freshly made mold.

After that, he sands down every single edge with incredible precision and drills holes in four places, just big enough to fit the bearings inside. However, since he probably miscalculated by a really small fraction of an inch, he had to treat the bearings a bit so that they would be a little bit smaller. After that, they tightly fit into the holes and the brass fidget spinner is complete! It spins like it is supposed to, of course, but the thing must be so heavy, having been made out of solid brass, that it`s really impractical to carry around. After all, it is a fidget spinner, how practical can they be?

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