Boy Racer Mustang? Is This Love On First Sight? Must See!

It often happens to people to judge something only by its external appearance. That is what happened to us when we saw the Boy Racer Mustang. We thought it looked good, but nothing special. Nevertheless, we did take a closer look a bit later.

When talking about the interior of the car, one can see that it is very satisfactory, very neat, precise and strong. The essential equipment for racing is there, as well as the safety cage which we mentioned earlier. Ad for the dash, there is a IQ3 digital dash installed that provides all the necessary information that is very much helpful for the driver since he can concentrate more the road and less on the info-searching process.

And the owner actually uses this opportunity very well. He drives this car to the maximum. The owner told us that he would really like to change the suspension and therefore the car is going to be submitted to some prototype tests of Hotchkins suspension systems.

From all that we have mentioned above, we certainly judged very wrongly this car. It is absolutely precious!

Finally, here is the one and only Mustang limited edition! Click on this link!