Blue Oval Recalls 3,218 Units Of The 2015 F150 SuperCrew!

Blue Oval came up with an announcement for a recall of 3,218 2015 F150 SuperCrew units produced in the city of Dearborn between the period of January 22 2015 and March 17 2015. Most of these vehicles are supposed to be in the USA, and the rest of them in Canada and Mexico.

2015 Ford F-150 Recall 1

2015 Ford F-150 Recall 2

The problem has been located in the seatbelt assembly, or more precisely, the pretensioner cables which the carmaker thinks that haven`t been accurately secured. Blue Oval is giving instructions to dealers how to fix this problem, and if you are an owner of a “problematic” Ford F-150 should wait for a notification in order to take your vehicle at the dealership for a service.

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