This is Why You Should Get a Car Dashcam Right Now!

You are all probably familiar with the ever-growing trend of insurance scammers, they have taken over the world and everyone is getting a shot at it, and this is the exact reason why you need to have a car dashcam. Though many of these insurance scammers manage to fool the insurance company, yet some end up in disaster and often get fines or end up in jail for breaking the law. This video shows us such situation where a scammer tried to fool this woman but she had a secret weapon, a car dashcam. Namely, a man was running across the street along with his small bike.

Car Dashcam Trap Motorcyclist Biker Fake 1

He suddenly tried to cut in front of the woman and eventually, to get run over by her. But things did not go as smooth as he planned. The woman was not driving fast, so she had enough time to react and stop her car. This is where things weird. The man went backwards with his bike and jumped onto the hood of the car. The woman screamed and did not know what was happening.

The man had an accomplice too! He filmed with his phone just right after the “crash”, but little did they know that the woman had a car dashcam. When she showed to both of the men that the whole situation was caught on video, they started running away like crazy in different direction.

What do you think; how important is to carry a car dashcam in order to retain justice after such accident?

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