Big-Block HEMI ‘Cuda! Wheelspin & Eargasm Included!

Check out this amazing Big-Block HEMI ‘Cuda! Wheelspin & Eargasm are Included in the video below!

Oh Black Betty! Oh Orange Barracuda! Listen to the lyrics of the song and look at this car. It appears like the song is written for this car! The colors don`t match but who cares. Moreover, who`s in for some donuts? Because they are fresh and still warm, made by chef Cuda! With its attractive paintjob, shiny rims, and heavy duty machine hiding under the hood, this car looks great! Especially at the given time of the day, when the sun sets! Although this vehicle is very powerful, the owner decided to present its gentle side. What`s your opinion about this automobile?

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Enjoy the video below!

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