Big Block Ford Maverick “Killer Sleeper” Outruns Drag Car!

There`s a thing or two about a muscle baby that runs like a beast and keeps it quiet, but it looks and performs like a hungry lion looking at a gazelle. This is not difficult these days, cause the technology is so advanced and many components for the cars are cheap and easy to find. The `73 Big Block Ford Maverick was fitted some oval blue components, with some heavy power dosage in order to make a car that performs up to its standards but still has a smooth appearance. It was presented as a car with lightweight which shall enter Ford`s into the small car market.  This model has swooping lines that point to the first generation Mustang. The Maverick did sell rather well.

The C6 transmission is mixed with a torque Dacco converter which has a power added up to the rear of 8-inch stock with a small spool. Josh is not a wealthy man to say, but nevertheless he has built the Maverick within the range of his possibilities, not complaining about a penny he`s spent.  The performance is visible on this video, we`ve attached.

The Big Block Ford Maverick has a big-block engine, with four hundred and sixty-eight inches mill, factory rods, a manifold Torker Two intake, a seventy-five mm Borg Warner turbo, original crank, pistons and so on.

Finally, check out this link to make engine comparisons! 

Enjoy the video below!

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