The BEST Saving Gas TIPS Followed By Gas Saving MYTHS – Time To Open Your Eyes!

Saving Gas Tips Gas Saving Myths 3
Of course, gas efficiency is a hot topic, thus, many myths come as products. Here are some of our favorite gas saving myths:

1. By the cooler and denser gas in the morning!
-- This is so wrong in many ways that it makes us laugh. To get straight to the point, gas is stored underground in huge tanks. There is no sun so powerful to reach underground and make a difference for the tanks. The temperature is constant!
2. Driving with the windows up instead of turning the AC.
-- We already discussed this. Really, guys. NO DIFFERENCE!
3. Making a quick stop? Leave your engine on, it will take much more gas to start the car all over again.
-- Oh, this is one of our favorites. It is completely untrue and can easily be proclaimed as the king of gas saving myths! Cars (especially new ones) need so little gas to start the engine, making it much better to turn off the engine and start it again when you are done shopping or whatever you quick stop refers to!

We are glad if we helped in any way making stuff clearer to you! Cheers.

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