The Best Jumps Done By Robbie Maddison!

When it comes to amazing stunts and jumps we all love to see as much as possible. They never fail to impress us and every such video is something we are constantly waiting for. The world of stunts has seen some utterly amazing and memorable names, but Robbie Maddison could just become one of those stunts and jumping legends. His talent combined together with his braveness and experience is more than enough to amaze the spectators there and the viewers on social media.

The Best Jumps Done By Robbie Maddison 2

Namely, in this video we take a look at some of the most amazing and unforgettable stunts and jumps performed by none other than Robbie Maddison! He has been around for years and years so far, but it is surely a name that is yet to come in the world of stunting.

We take a look how he performs with absolute bravery and confidence the jump over the Triumph Gate. There are thousands and thousands of spectators cheering and were absolutely amazed when Robbie Maddison managed to pull this amazing stunt. Going further in the video we see how he actually jumps over a canyon which is dozens of meters deep. There is no space and time for mistake so being 100% prepared and believing in you is always of top most importance. He also jumps over a pond by driving a snow ski at a very high speed. Most of his stunts will make you speechless so be sure to check out every second of it!

Robbie Maddison Massive Jump

Wow! Amazing!! Robbie Maddison massive jump!! 😳😱Watch till the end.- Red Bull

Posted by Motocross Updates on Thursday, September 28, 2017