Racing Legend: Bessie Stringfield! She Rode Across America in 1930 on a Harley!

Her name is Bessie Stringfield and she is regarded as the racing legend! The 30s was a period in which the motorcycle culture was blooming and many awesome and legendary classic bikes were produced then. Harley Davidson was setting itself in the world of greats but where one social group that was not involved in this process of massive progress – the women. They were pretty much excluded from everything. But there was one woman in the 30s who went up and against all odds and proved that women are capable of achieving the same as men.

Bessie Stringfield Racing Legend Harley Davidson Bike 1930 1

Her name is Bessie Stringfield and she is well-known as the racing legend. Being Afro-American, she had a tough childhood and was discriminated all the time. But she then decided to do something amazing. At the age 19, in 1930, Bessie became the first woman to have ever rode across the whole US with a Harley Davidson bike.

Bessie Stringfield Racing Legend Harley Davidson Bike 1930 3

At the time there were no modern highways like we have today so going on such ride meant that you are putting your life in danger. The roads were pretty much hazardous, the pavement was covered in holes and the dirt roads were most challenging of them all. Despite all of these dangers, she managed to ride across the US all by herself. We get to see some incredible vintage photographs from Bessie besides her powerful Harley Davidson bike. Managing to achieve this with all the difficulties she faced, we can without a doubt conclude that she can for sure be regarded as a woman-racing legend.

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