This Bending Bicycle Can Cut Corners With Incredible Precision!

If you`re a professional cyclist, you`ve probably encountered moments when you just need to make that one last turn before the finish line but it`s just so sharp that you don`t know if you`re going to make it. Well, this bending bicycle say you can, but only while driving one of them! They`re called swing bikes and they work wonders for solving problems that not a single professional cyclist out there considers as problems. They look cool and all-around fun to drive, but history shows us that they`re nothing more than gimmicks that come alive every few years. However, it`s entertaining to poke fun at them, seeing as they are literally useless.

This bending bicycle has been around for a while but the concept never seems to catch on – their only difference is that the back wheel swings from side to side, but that is also a major drawback, since it throws off the entire balance of the bike, which makes you more likely to slip on anything that isn`t perfect concrete or asphalt. However, they do seem to benefit your abdominal muscles – by swinging this bike around, you get to develop killer abs! Hey, it`s something, and when there are no other positive sides, we`ll take it!

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