Bee Dragon GRS 181 “Crown Athlete” VIP Cruiser!

Bee Dragon GRS 181 2

Japanese culture is very different than ours in many aspects including cars. They really have some weird stuff, as for example the bippu style that a lot of people do not understand since it does not improve neither the look of t he car nor its performance. However, when you see a VIP car on the streets of Japan it just seems logical. Yeah, to foreign or unfamiliar observers it may look a bit dumb, but it is actually a lot of fun, particularly when in Japan.
At the Bee Dragon we met Imamura-san owner of a shop called Gifu-ken and owner of the two ultimate cars he has built, one of them being the GRS 181 Toyota Crown Athlete. According to some people this is how a modern VIP car would look like. Nevertheless, Imamura is a great innovator and supporter of the bippu style and his cars always steal passengers` eye.

Imamura has made this car to look as fierce as possible and he has done that with the smoothly placed fenders and the Hanku split rims that are painted gray. The vehicle also features a K-Break Kai adjustable suspension system that results in the car having an impeccable application of the shorudazura style. While driving on the streets of Gifu, you understand that this car offers you a really exciting ride with its cool noises and everything. When talking about Bee Dragon way of ride we can say that you will either love it or hate it, there are no mixed feelings.

The GRS 181 features K-Break Platinum aero system which is not made of FRP, but it is made of steel. Mr. Imamura-san chose to paint this car in candy red which takes you back in the beginning of the 90s. It looks nice on the car, even though it is not really approved by others. There is another rather characteristic detail of the car that is the lip spoiler which is also made of steel and is part of the trunk.

This car features a standard 3GR 3L V6 engine, while the exhaust system is mostly responsible for the noise this car makes. The interior is also more or less standard apart from the minor decorations such as the A/C vent side cup holder. If you understand VIP as prestigious and center-of-attention kind of thing then this car is something that will help you achieve these things. So, maybe VIP may not be such a bad thing!

Bee Dragon GRS 181 2

Bee Dragon GRS 181 2

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