Barrett Jackson Auction With Record Sales Of More Than $113M!

You wonder what happened at this year`s Barrett Jackson Auction Scottsdale auction? History, that`s what happened. The results were more than amazing-the largest sales in the last 43 years in the Scottsdale car auction.


In just six days, a total number of 1,400 cars were sold. The overall amount collected was $113 million in sales.Moreover, additional 300,000 attendees paid a visit to the auctions. Craig Jackson, Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO said that this year was an enormous success for Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. The opening night gala was more than amazing and the new Westworld facility was named as well. This auction had the biggest sales in the history of our company – exceeding $113 million.


Enjoy the video below!


More than 300,000 guests were present at the Barrett Jackson Auction. A great deal of cars was sold for charity purposes. The value of the Americana vehicles increased at this year`s Scottsdale auction. The same goes for the cars that were sold. The Scottsdale crew is convinced that these numbers will increase even more thought the course of 2014. A fierce bidding and great participation from people all around the world is expected at the next upcoming auctions. The brand is becoming more and more global.

Simon Cowell had one of the most stunning cars auctioned this year. The breathtaking black Bugatti Veyron. It achieved an outstanding prize of $1.357 million. Also, the most expensive Corvette was sold on this auction. The mesmerizing 1967 Corvette L88 Door Coupe. 

At last, check this seriously cool 1957 Chevy Quicksilver on this link!