BACK IN THE GAME! Welcome The New 2015 Nissan ALTIMA SEDAN!

The old-new 2015 Altima model is in the game. The 2015 Nissan ALTIMA SEDAN has features that are standard for all Altima models so far such as: Bluetooth connection, button ignition, unbelievably cozy front seats and music system. However, this 2015 model also has seen some changes. It has two engines connected to an automatic gearbox. It features 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine with 182hp performance. The second, alternative engine is actually 3.5 liter, V-6 engine that produces 270hp. The latter is available for special SL models, but the first is available for all the other S, SV and SL Altima models. Leather cushioning, Led taillights and front seats, 8 speaker sound system are some of the standard interior elements.

Welcome The New 2015 Nissan ALTIMA SEDAN 5

The most notable novelties include ability to connect smartphones and other gadgets to the media system and an upgraded safety system giving information on motion taking place behind the 2015 Nissan ALTIMA SEDAN. The greatest advantage of the Altima encompass the amazingly cozy, zero gravity seats. When it comes to its disadvantage we must mention the poor performance and endurance of the chassis, as well as the lack of manual transmission for passionate drivers. The conclusion we can draw from this machine is that it does offer great safety, but we cannot ignore the fact that there are better, full-package competitors on the market.

Anyway, for more reviews, specs and pricing, follow this link!

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