Assure Yourself Of The RB26DETT Exhaust Power! 276 HP 289 ft-lb!

When we were kids, we learnt that the dog barked, the cow mooed, and the tiger roared! As we grew up, we learnt something different! It`s not the tiger that roars – it`s the NISSAN SKYLINE GTR`S ENGINE – THE AMAZINGLY LOUD AND AWESOME, RB26DETT exhaust!!! This 2.6L motor will make sure you never forget its sound as it will make you replay and replay this video all the time! And of course, what else did you expect from an engine that has a CYLINDER HEAD containing 24 valves which comes down to 4 valves per cylinder!

Moreover, the intake in this one is very different from the other RB-series, because of the six separate throttle bodies unlike the one single body it has had so far! The motor in the video is able to limit the boost pressure to only 10 psi, by using the pair of T28 ceramic turbochargers! However, this one-of-a-kind Nissan Engine is rated at 276 HP and 289 lb ft!!! As it is known World Wide for its strength and massive power, you now have one more reason to lay back, click the play button and give yourself in the RB26DETT exhaust!

Anyway, here is a top 10 exhaust list!