Are You Ready for the Summer? Top 10 Hyundai on the Beach Photos!

Here is the gallery with the TOP 10 Hyundai photos for this summer!

Every season, our Hyundai car community send us photos taken with their amazing vehicles during vacations, on the road or at the beach. After a thorough analysis, discussions and some internal rankings, our team decided to share with you the best 10 Hyundai photos for this summer. We love the fact that each one of them tells a different story. There is one emphasizing the family moment, several demonstrate power on the highway, while others awaken that melancholic feeling when we cruise round the town. What do you think about these masterpieces?

Feel free to vote below and do not forget that we are waiting for your photos and videos as well. Let’s now pick the winner together. Which one would it be? You can rank them 1-10 in the comment section below.

hyundai santa fe beach

hyundai tucson ix35beach

hyundai santa fe beach 4

hyundai i40 beach

hyundai santa fe beach 2

hyundai i30 beach

hyundai genesis coupe beach

hyundai beach 3

hyundai elantra beach 3

hyundai beach 2

Enjoy the Summer Time with your Hyundai! Share your photos and videos.

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