Stunning RHYS MILLEN’S Racing Polaris XP1000 RZR RAPTOR!

Regardless of whether you are a big time fan or just a regular enthusiast, when one comes across some cool off-road vehicle which is totally awesome, very powerful and ready to go anywhere, at any given time, we all start feeling the adrenaline rush that is coursing through our system. And today we have prepared exactly that – the recent model of Polaris RZR Raptor XP1000 off-road truck/car that is probably one of the best things for desert racing, and the new favorite toy for many weekend warriors.

I think that it will not be an exaggeration if I say that it is one of the most impressive vehicles from side by side class that we have seen in a long time. Our regular readers know well that even if not as much as some of the awesome muscle cars that we are showing you, there are many powerful and absolutely stunning off-road vehicles that we see constantly.

And this pretty much new released Polaris RZR Raptor XP1000 will definitely get at the very top of many lists of the most influential off-road cars, as you are about to see it in just a few moments in this video called “On Any Weekend”. The main role in it is for the pro-driver Rhys Millen, who decided to combine the famous Ford Raptor with the Polaris RZR, and came up with one absolutely astonishing ride. It looks like it is a stock XP1000 that is fitted with a Ford Raptor body and Method Race wheels (and a few other more or less known features).

So just watch the video and see what a thrilling action it contains, and afterwards, you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. And if you want to find out more about the new Ford Raptor, go to this link.