Elegant and ANTIQUE 1909 Blitzen Benz Was Re-Started!

The Beast of Turin will make its comeback next year in February and until then we can witness the return of other fabulous retro vehicles that marked our history, including the 1909 Blitzen Benz. But before introducing the specifications of this car, let’s look at some history facts about this car that will surely leave you amazed.

Actually, when this legendary car was built, it was the fastest form of travel ever yet made. With a 21,5 litre, 4 cylinder, 200 hp motor, the 1909 Blitzen Benz achieved a top speed of over 140mph, at a time when the  fastest airplane could only reach 70mph. Moreover, the main goal for the creation of Blitzen-Benz was to break at that time the speed records and enter the World Book Of Records. That was of course successfully done for 3 years and there was no airplane until 1920 that could overcome the power of this magnificent piece of art.

The video below shows the entire process, unedited, that is required to start the engine. At the moment, in the world there are only 2 Blitzen-Benz that are originally built and one of them you are about to see right now. Enjoy the video and if you want to learn more about this oldie goldie visit this link.